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Patrick Makau of Kenya and holder of the world marathon record during a training run on February 8, 2012 in Ngong, Kenya.

Here is the note from this morning’s Yasuji’s Speech!!

Good morning everyone.

Today is October 10th.
57 years ago, today, the day when the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s 
Blue Impulse drew the five rings that are the symbol of the Olympic Games in the sky of Tokyo.

So, October 10th is very familiar to the Japanese people as “Health-Sports Day” to commemorate the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

When I was a kid, I remember being excited about the sports day called Undoukai 運動会 at school at this time of year. I loved exercising and was good at it. 
So I was very confident in my physical strength.

However, my self-confidence had turned into “overconfidence” someday.

In retrospect, when I started working, I had an overconfident belief that not exercising for a while wouldn’t weaken me.

Also, after a while, when my work became busy, I made an excuse that was convenient for me, saying, “I can’t exercise because I’m busy with work and I don’t have time.”
I was totally indifferent to keeping my body healthy.

I remember some of the events that inspired me to change my mind about my own health and exercise.

First, when I was working as an exchange pilot in the United States Air Force in my mid-thirties, I was awakened to see the U.S Air Force officers making time and constantly training while they were busy. 
Because, I learned that those who should be leaders in the US Air Force should be able to manage themselves, including health care, and those who are overweight are evaluated as those who do not have the ability to manage the organization.

Also, just over the age of 40, I had the opportunity to work for several months at an airbase in the desert region of Kuwait in the Middle East.
It was very impressive that the following message was written on the wall of the gymnasium. It is the phrase, “Training your body on the battlefield also strengthens your mind.”
I myself realized that it is very important to move my body to relieve stress in the field and keep my mind calm.

However, when I was in my mid-40s and had more work to manage the organization, the devil’s whisper began in my ears.

Suddenly, I noticed that my appearance gradually became ugly, I was out of breath just by climbing the stairs, and I weighed more than 220 pounds.

Luckily, two things have emerged and saved me.

One of them is endurance sports, like trail running and triathlon.

These two sports are not only aerobic exercises, but also sports that allow me to use the muscles of my whole body in a well-balanced manner. And I feel that these two sports are a sport for me that allows me to face myself rather than compete with others, and to continue to challenge myself.
Furthermore, the good thing about these two sports is that anyone can do it and we can continue it even as we grow older.

I am very much looking forward to continuing these sports and enriching my life in the future. And I hope that one day I will be able to stand on the podium alone by age group.

Finally, the second being which saved me is my daughter.

Thanks to my daughter, I want to be a father that I can be proud of, and I want to be a father who doesn’t feel embarrassed.
I am grateful to my beloved daughter who always cares for my health 

So, let’s try some exercises and stay healthy.

Thanks for your listning. 






















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