Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

If you have world domination on your mind such as is the staple of every James Bond Movie, Austin Powers or any amazing villain, you need to make sure that after you have used your weapons (or your giant laser) to take over the world, get it in writing!

If you don’t get their John Hancock (signature) proving that you own it, they will claw it back from you!

What is mightier than the sword? The Pen Is!

But the Celebrity Jeopardy answer from the rude, crude, dude playing Sean Connery responds…The PENis.

狼煙 = Smoke Signals.

“Write it Down, it’s a good one.” Hal Roach

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By Dylan

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David Gavilan
2 years ago

I couldn’t find the part when they say “pen .. is” in that video… :/

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