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Humans have always loved to leave their stories behind to share with others.

Starting with drawings on cave walls,

Writing on bone, stone, tree bark or anything else, the first writings were ledgers of sales.

Then mystical and religious texts sharing the concepts for living.

Papyrus scrolls made from reeds that grew in the Nile were up to 133 feet long!

The bound and printed matter that we are familiar with started with the development of printing presses the most famous of which is the Gutenberg Press made in Germany to print the Bible.

What about your book?

Everyone of us has at least one story waiting to be written down. The magic of writing a book starts with writing something everyday.

With that in mind, here are the links to writings from our readers! Check out their work!

A daily blog from Yoshiaki-san

He has been writing daily for 5 years! Maybe this is the start of his first book? What do you think?

The author of this article also has one book published. A children’s book on a little truck who wanted to try.

Big Jim’s First Adventure, Learning to Fly, Dylan Monaghan

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By Dylan

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