Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Good morning and welcome back.

Today we are talking about rules. Not the rules that are written down. Not laws or signs telling you what to do.

I’m not suggesting that you find laws and go break them. Not at all. This is not carte blanche to do anything you want.

I’m suggesting a different concept.

The written rules are easy to find and then break.

I am talking today about the cultural norms and considerations that you have internalized and treat as unbreakable rules. The unwritten guidelines that control our internal decisions. Suggestions that we treat as something that can never be changed.

One of these rules might be the unspoken idea that you must do well and get good grades in school, get a good job, get married, buy a house, retire after 30 years and live happily ever after.

Another rule might be that money is bad. Getting rich is for other people. You are hard-working and honest so you don’t get rich.

Is that one of your rules? Where did it come from?

These unwritten rules are buried so deep inside your mind, you might not even be aware of them.

If you are interested in a new life, tear up those old rules that do not fit the new version of you.

Your first task is to identify a rule that is buried so deep, it has become you. You hold yourself back because of this rule.

So ask yourself, is this really who you are, or is it a deep seated rule that you let rule you.

Do you think you cannot speak English? Japanese is too difficult for you? What other rules hide inside you?

Ferret them out, and then go break some rules!

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By Dylan

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