Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Humans are Social Creatures.

We don’t want to let other people down.

Even to the point of being gullible and tricked by scammers. Our nature is to trust. We want to be loved and respected.

But as we mentioned yesterday, we also need to be alone to get things done. Real things.

So how do we bridge these two?

Today, let’s talk about Multi-Tasking.

No, not the kind of multi-tasking where you get a lot of things done. I’m talking about the mask you wear when you are out in the world. The mask that you wear to “fit in” in your selected culture zone.

When you chose to fit in, your brain is doing double work. Inside the shell is a version of you that is different than the image you share with the world.

Today I suggest that it is better that you rid yourself of the external shell, and let the real you stand out.

When you multi-task, your brain is spending precious thinking cycles on appearances rather than results.

When you are completely happy with your self, you can do your best work. I call this the:

Be You, Know You, Do You, Make Things Happen Doctrine.

And this is the true path to happiness.

So if you really want to be happy, do something. It is only when things are done “to us” that we feel out of place. The best place to be, is a place where the thing you do has value to others.

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By Dylan

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