Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
Painting by Salvador DaliSalvador Dali, 1931 Painting Titled Persistence of Memory

When chasing a goal, focusing on it to ensure you make it to the finish line is a key skill. This is called Persistence.

By knowing the goal is possible (even if no-one else believes), you can have patience to continue. This is your magic power that keeps you focused to the end even when others.

And then when it’s no longer working, be sure to pivot. Change direction. Do it differently.

How do you know when to pivot? Through your knowledge of the circumstances.

How do you get knowledge of the circumstances? Through learning.

How do you learn? by being patient.

So stay with it, focus, be patient, but by all means, if its not working, learn to pivot.

David pointed out the origin of these words:

  • Persistence comes from Latin.
  • Patience comes from the root word “to suffer”
  • Pivot means point….is it French? Spanish?
Listen to “Day231 Persistence, Patience, Pivot – The three keys to success at everything you do!” on Spreaker.
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David Gavilan
2 years ago

I like the drawing 😊 If you ever visit Barcelona, take the train to Figueres from there and visit the Dalí museum, if you haven’t visited it yet. It’s fascinating 😊

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