Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Get healthy, preventative medicine

Today our Guest Speaker is Yoshiaki-san. He shared his heartfelt thoughts on the future of the pharmacy and going glocal.

Here are his thoughts.

I always had this dream but never made actual actions. Maybe because I was satisfied with my job, my brain stopped thinking and dreaming right there.

However everything changed with Covid-19. 

Our patients used to come to our pharmacy without much of efforts from our end. But now more than a year our sales are down for over30%.

So, I thought I have to do something new and unusual.

I have a lot more knowledge and passion towards people’s health and sports medicine than most of pharmacists.

Are medicines necessary for you? 

If you are healthy, you do not need them.

So. I decided to focus on preventative approach to keep healthy people healthy. I feel if I provide valuable information for health conscious people, they will start to visit my pharmacy.

Those ideas made me excited.

I decided to focus on good diet first.  After all, we are what we eat and what we drink. 

So, as the first step I am going to introduce three merchandises that enhance our health.

Dry fruits, Coffee beans, and Vegetables.

I already found amazing producers of those products.   Once those three merchandises got on track, I am going to add more items.  At the same time, I like to promote an importance and enjoyment of exercises.

There are still people who wish to lose weight by skipping meals.

It is simplistic method to lose weight in the short run.

But it’s not good for your body in the long run.

Healthy body consists of well-balanced diet and proper exercises.

I will treat those customers who are struggling to lose their weight like my close friends and family, applying my professional knowledge as a pharmacist and as an avid marathon and trail runner.

I can also offer scientific approach like a genetic testing when it’s needed.

It is well known that unless you have high basal metabolic rates, your weight will bounce back eventually.

However you can increase BMR from simple enjoyable exercises.

Fortunately, we have beautiful mountains and variety of trails around our pharmacy.

They are very popular with local people. 

It is difficult for us to travel long distance because of the COVID-19 peril, but we can enjoy where we live. Just make a little pivotal move in our brain, with a little curiosity, we can be a traveler and be able to enjoy walk long distance.

It is not only good for your body but also it boosts regional economy.

Travel local!  Enjoy their foods and drinks. And let’s keep us healthy without using medications.

This is my goal that I am excited to achieve.

Thank you.

Listen to “Day237 Guest Speaker: Yoshiaki-san – The Day the Pharmacy Stops Handing out Medicine” on Spreaker.

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2 years ago

Yoshiaki-san, Thank you for your deep insights on exercise, healthy lifestyles and the future of pharmacies in Japan! In the after-party-room you also shared your direct from farmer to consumer model of coffee bean sales. Count me in! I am looking forward to enjoying a cup of fair-trade coffee. Please share the photos and stories of the farmers that you are working with for this direct to Japan coffee challenge.

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