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Photo by Dylan Monaghan of a road in ColoradoColorado 1992, Photo by Dylan Moanghan

Yesterday we asked if you were a pessimist or an optomist. We learned that most of our audience is indeed optomistic.

Some might say the plan using their pessimistic outlook, and live with an optomistic outlook. A perfect balance and blend.

That being said, our optomistic mind tends to discount the future where we no longer exist. Death is final and is coming for all us. Sooner or later.

This is not a sad moment. To the contrary, this is a celebration of a life well lived.

As Stephen Covey stated in his book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, One of the habits to cultivate is to

Begin with the end in mind. (Habit 2)

Stephen Covey

Today, I ask if you have done this.

It turns out people who are genuinely happy and pleased with their life, are often people who consider who might come to their funeral, and what they might say about their life.

Usually, at a funeral people do not discuss the deceased resume. They are not likely to talk about the marks they got in math, or the school that they graduated from or what companies they worked for. In other words, the conversation is not likely to revolve around their “résumé“.

The conversation is more likely to revolve around the connections they built with those people. How they felt. What they did as a person.

Today I ask you to consider the story they will tell about who you are. Not WHAT you do.

WHO you are.

And so today, I ask. “WHO ARE YOU?”

Tell me WHO you are. Without tell me what you do.

As for me? I am a storyteller. Everything I do is connected to stories and how to tell them.

WHAT I do is I sell aircraft components, I run this website, I host rooms on Clubhouse, I publish books. I share podcasts….

The common thread? I am storyteller.

Use the comments below and TELL me WHO you are.

Listen to “Day240 Begin with the End in Mind” on Spreaker.
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2 years ago


本日のお題は『You! あなた』です。と言う事で一緒に考えてみましょう。スティーブン・コヴィーは著書『7つの習慣 成功には原則があった!』の中で「終わりを考えながら始める」と言うを話しています。という事で我々の人生を眺めてみて、果たしてどれほどの人が自分のお葬式に思いを巡らせているでしょうか? 人生の本当の最後に最後…ですけど、ここにいる人たちは前向きな人たちがほとんどですから、我々はそんな事まず全く考えていません。我々は永遠に生き続けてやらなくちゃいけない事を延々と考えているわけです。
でもこの事を少し考えてみるのも良いかもしれません。一生を終えお葬式の時、そこに集まった人々はあなたの履歴、何を成し遂げ、どこの学校に行って、成績がどのくらいでなんて言う履歴書に書くような輝かしい経歴については誰も語っていないのです。 人々はあなたが彼らのために何をしたかを語ったりするわけです。考えてみて下さい、そこには誰が出席しているでしょうか?誰に参加して欲しいですか?そしてその人たちになんと言ってもらいたいですか?







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