Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

We were in the 5:55 Room and we digressed…(Cookie crumb back to that room here)… I wanted to make a list of all 25 James Bond flicks in view of the next one about to be released this October 2021.

Judy directed me to the internet to use what already exists…and sure enough! Wow! Lots of stuff out there.

Here we go….by the numbers

But this list didn’t show the lead actors for the role of Bond…. so I kept Googling….(is it “google” or “Google” when you make it a verb? To capitalize or now?)

I skipped over tons of links to land at the Tomato Meter! (I love this site) They rank the full franchise of Bond Movies for all time!

The bottom three:

And the top two:

This came close to what I wanted….but not quite….I want a simple table listing the year the movie was made, the cost to produce (in then year dollars and also a column adjusted for inflation), the gross domestic and worldwide (and show me the math…how much $$$ did they make?) and then show me the lead James Bond dude for that series and then the breakout for each actor….how many movies, how much money, how well rated?

And thennnn….. how about all the bond girls….let’s check that next….

OK. That exists. There is a whole Bond Website….

Go check it out….

Battery is at 2%, so time to close this up here!

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